Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life is what happens...

Hey everyone!

I have been feeling guilty for not posting to this blog for so long and don't have a hope in heck that I have a single reader left on the planet. Didn't help that in February I came down with influenza and by March I had's hard to knit when you are sleeping and when you're not sleeping you're coughing.

Life has been galloping along at a great pace. And I have finally picked up my knitting and started giving it a bash every now and then. It's very puzzling to me, a person who was so totally obsessed by knitting for years and years, that the desire to do it can leave so suddenly and almost absolutely.

I know that the decision to stop attending knitting classes (and class is a loose term...more like a social club in a yarn store with buying discounts) played a big part in it. And my addiction to knitting magazines also is gone, which is a good thing in a way, I have far too many of them. But I've got all this YARN and I hate to give it away and don't think I'd ever be able to sell it for anything like it is worth. And when I open the tubs and look it over, I think, "But I don't WANT to get rid of this! I love this yarn! I want to keep it!" So I must just manage to reinspire myself somehow, but stay out of the yarn store so I won't add anymore to the stash. The stash is monolithic, it looms ahead on the landscape like a standing stone, demanding to be regarded, but not requiring any more action than awe and admiration. But when it is looming ahead, it remains the stash and nothing is done with's useless. Time to start carving it into pleasing shapes

So I have decided to finish the project that seemed to be the one that killed the knitting drive, the Mitered Baby Blanket. If I can only finish this, I decide with magical thinking, I can remove the knitters block and get going whittling down that huge stash downstairs. Here it is as it is now. Compare it to the next photo which is what it looked like the last time I posted about it:

Someone tell me please...I've gotten some more done and it looks like it, doesn't it? The problem with knitting things in units is that it begins to feel like running in place, you do the same thing over and over and never get anywhere. Only 15 squares to go! Then the border of course, but that will be a RELIEF to get to that. Our church is holding it's annual baby shower for the crisis pregnancy center through the end of May and I *will* get this done to donate as I originally planned. I will, I will, I will......