Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Alone again...naturally

Here I am, coming back from two days of two children home sick. It was a close call today, but I managed to get them all off for school. Phew!

Laurel stayed home Monday and Tuesday. She always felt really, really rotten in the morning and her condition always improved quite rapidly once she knew she was staying home. Of course, she did have a fever (tiny one...99.9) or she wouldn't have stayed home at all. But this morning she had no fever so off she went. She was not happy.

Emily, on the other hand, went to school on Monday. I had to go get her on Monday afternoon because she wasn't feeling well. And when she got home and I took her temp, it was 103.7, so she definitely wasn't feeling well. When Emily is sick, she gets very quiet and doesn't say anything at all. She doesn't even have the strength to be cute!!! Emily sick generates far more sympathy than Laurel sick. Laurel is noisy about being sick, she moans, she weeps. Funny thing is, I'm much the same way. Now that I see what it looks like, I'm trying to be more like Emily.

When the girls got up yesterday and were hovering around 100, we let them both stay home again. But neither one had a fever today so both went to school, Emily quite cheerfully and Laurel moaning and sulking.

Of course, having them home was not fair to me, considering next week they only have a 3 day week because of Easter and the following week is spring break. I'm luckier than most, since Dan's school vacations have been coinciding with the kids' vacations. So I can leave the house alone and not be arrested for child endangerment, since he is there to watch over them. So this week, I have 3 free days before the weekend and 3 free days before next weekend. I must use them well.

I have myself had some sort of something that has caused fatigue (besides the usual madness, that is!) I slept half the day away on Sunday and in the morning on my email and said to myself, "Is there any reason I shouldn't just go back to bed?" Couldn't think of one, so off I went.

All of this has not been good for the knitting bottom line or for any bottom line. There are a host of things I *should* do, but whatever it is I end up doing, I better be moving around because sitting still for too long and I will probably fall asleep. Knitting is definitely in that category; especially knitting because it tends to make me sleepy anyway!

So hopefully I will soon have something more interesting to report. My wrist continues to improve. I'm almost caught up with laundry! I know, fascinating stuff, isn't it? Hey! You didn't fall asleep...did you?

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