Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pumpin' Out Da Knits!!!

Really. I don't know WHEN I've gotten this much knitting done, at least, not in recent memory. Lookie:

This is the Neck Down V-Neck Cardigan from Knitting Pure & Simple. Now that I've put the sleeve stitches on yarn holders, it's really going fast! I was a bit worried that the way the yarn pooled would change once I did that, but it hasn't really. Is very pretty, no? I've been working on it every single day, during lunch monitoring, church coffee hour, waiting for kids to come out of school or the bus, and while at home.

AND that's not all!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Here is my Celtic Braid Socks! I turned the heel on the second sock during our church's annual meeting. Soon this pair will end up joining the smug married socks in my drawer. Cannot wait. Because this will be the first sock-weight wool socks I have ever made and KEPT. All the other ones were either cotton, given away, or worsted weight. Yay me. Booyah!

Once these socks are complete, I will return to the Jaywalker socks I started a long while back:

Silly me! I didn't even remember turning the heel on this sock! This may go faster than I thought!

Well, off to get ready to go lunch monitor yet again. Oh joy.


Laurie in MN said...

Being the nosey type, I had to hop from your stamping blog to check out your knittingblog.

The pattern on the baby blanket is beautiful. I never understood knit blankets with gaping holes to entangle little fingers.

I liked seeing your socks. An on-line friend had a tag line "socks and only socks". I never knew people knit sock and that a large number of knitters are really into their hobby.

Happy knitting.

Patti said...

Can I be you when I grow up? I want so badly to know how to knit like my mom, your mom & now YOU!