Monday, June 29, 2015

Celtic Cable Socks finished!

In my long hiatus from knitting, I did occasionally take some knitting with me when I went places, and these socks or the Jaywalker sock were the projects I usually took. I recently started a new sock, though, the Dorothy's Slip Stitch Spiral sock, and found that I had inadvertently started with size 1 1/2 rather than the size 2 I usually use for socks. That's okay for the ribbing, but I needed size 2's for the body, and all mine were captive in WIPs. So since the Celtic Cable was closest to being finished, I decided to press on and get 'er done.

These aren't blocked or anything, but I don't have any sock blockers:

The Babies & Bears proceeds onward as well:

And here's the new sock:

Though I have two inches of this ribbing now. I can proceed onward with my size 2's now into the patterned part of the sock! Fun stuff!

I have been working hard to destash some stuff around here, and I managed to successfully sell over 200 weaving and spinning magazines! This gave me some nice fundage in my Paypal account, which I will now endeavor to NOT spend on yarn. At least not much of it. I did order a few patterns on Ravelry, and I did order some nice rainbow sock yarn. I'm sure my oldest DD will try to talk me out of THOSE socks.

And speaking of which, my dear son, AKA the Squatter long ago, known to my stamping audience as the Boy with the Wayward Finger, saw me finish the second Celtic Cable sock. He said, "What's that?" I explained. "You knit that? When are you going to knit ME some socks?" This is the boy who put socks on his Christmas list with the notations "You know why." The why is he can't ever find any to wear. The why of that is that he wears his socks until they can walk away by themselves, and presumably, most of them do because very few make their way down to the laundry room and back up into the sunlit lands.

So I did tell him that if he were changing his socks more frequently as well as not losing them, he might have a small hope that some day he would receive hand knitted socks from me. Maybe. Some day.

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