Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day...yeah right

I bet some of you have husband's or significant others that actually DO something on Valentine's Day, but I don't. I have one of those "I don't need a Hallmark holiday to tell my wife that I love her!" guys. I think it's a club they join in high school, honestly.

I used to try to extort something out of Dan by telling him I expected him to do something or else (the else part being vague, but threatening), but the resulting offerings were not exactly wonderfully given in a spirit of love, so I just gave up after a while. The last flowers I got were in 1990 and those were red carnations he bought at the last minute which croaked the next day...didn't even last a day before they started turning black at the edges. Truly a waste of money if he doesn't even know well enough where to get a decent bouquet.

So while some of you may be getting candy, flowers, dinner out, or at least a card, I will be getting SQUAT. Remember me while you enjoy all that.

Thinking of the barreness that lay ahead, I tried to treat myself to a nice Caramel Macchiato this morning. But I went too far; I did too much. I decided to treat myself as well to a Sausage McMuffin extra value meal at McDonald's. Apparently this was tempting fate way too much. Or perhaps the Cholesterol Fairy saw this and said, "This woman must be rescued from herself...all that fat in the coffee AND the sausage! Time for action!"

Pulling away from the drive-thru at McDonald's, I saw a perfect opportunity to get across 4 lanes of traffic on Telegraph Road, so I gunned it. Turned out the driveway at McDonald's has quite a bump at the bottom of it. I got across traffic, but my Caramel Macchiato took a header. All over the bottom of my car! Sob!

So you can see what a great start my V-Day has gotten off to. And no chocolate in the house except a little bit of Valrhona...nice for nibbles, but way too dark for the kind of stuffing-it-in-your-face comfort action required after you lose a $3.55 coffee on the bottom of your car all the while looking forward to a barren Valentine's Day.

Gee, should I have a little cheese with that whine? Or perhaps, a little bit of yarn shopping online would go far towards comforting me...some of that Socks That Rock yarn would be exactly the ticket!

And I think my husband should know I've got other offers. Just yesterday, a 7 year old boy told me that he wants to marry me. I had to turn him down, gently, as I am already married to his father.

Half-a-league, half-a-league

The Olympic knitting challenge forges onward. I decided that six units a day would be the right amount to get done with the center of the blanket and leave me three days to knit the border. There are 80 total units and I have 24 done; right on schedule.

In the meantime, doing units has ceased being a bag of potato chips...the novelty has worn off and I find myself, instead of looking at the clock and saying "Just one more!", counting what I've done and saying "How many more until I can stop for the day!" It is not torture to do them...at least not yet.

Today I must do some stamping; a workshop looms on Thursday and I haven't even decided what projects to do yet. It will be amazing if I manage to get six units of this blanket done today unless I stop whining and get going. Tah!


Beppe said...

un peo pi longo no?

Jen said...

Last year was the first time I ever received flowers for Valentine's Day. I love tulips and starting in January you start getting emails about tulips for Valentine's Day. I finally decided the only way I would ever see flowers for Valentine's day was if I ordered them myself, and I might as well do it while they were offering them at a lower price. So, I placed the order, but right before I pushed the button to submit the final order, I chickened out and decided I was not deserving enough and the money could be used best elsewhere. On Valentine's Day, what to my amazement appears on my doorstep . . . tulips. I thought, oh crap, I accidently submitted the order . . . I shouldn't have wasted that money on myself. They were from my husband - he had purchased for me the exact thing I had picked out for myself. So, don't give up hope yet, some day, he might surprise you (notice I didn't say "hold your breath" I wouldn't want you to turn purple and pass out while waiting) Happy Valentine's Day

Dianne Rinehart said...

Hi Jan, I don't know if you remember me, but we set up a meet at the yarn store there, on a day that it was closed, so just chatted in the parking lot for a bit. This was when the Squatter was still a baby, as I recall. Anyway, I was reading your lament about the ends and wondered, if you do all the rows from right to left, could you not use the last stitch as the first stitch of the next unit, then pick up X along the side, then turn around, just to knit cast-on (or cable cast-on the stitches for the other side, then proceed with the next wrong side row. I don't have a blog, but you can email me at shuswapbcATaol.com, and let me know if I'm crazy, and not visualizing it right, :) Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope that does help with all the ends.
Dianne R.