Friday, September 08, 2006

Easily amused, that's me

Is it wrong to be so dang pleased with myself over this?

I finished the second Idiot's dishcloth last night as we watched the Tigers win over Minnesota. Sorry for you Twins fans but....YAY! (Okay...back to our regularly scheduled program....)

I'm also geeked because I got a copy of my other dishcloth pattern after appealing to the KnitTalk list I am on on Yahoo groups. I had posted the pattern to the KnitList back in February 2000 and had subsequently lost my files. The group archives only go back to November 2000 and the archives on the previous list host are long gone, so I thought I was out of luck. Happily, Mary Mort had saved my pattern from way back when and was able to supply it to me.

It's now uploaded to the pattern blog and I plan on knitting another one now that I have this one finished.


emily said...

Go ahead and be pleased. I tried the very same pattern and wouldn't you know, I screwed it up! I can complete lace, socks, even crazy fair-isle, but I was stumped by the dishcloth :)

Nan said...

This is still may favorite washcloth pattern to actually use. FYI I read on a blog somewhere that, if you want to get rid of the holes in the border, just wrap your yarnover the opposite way. But the result is super-boring!