Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More than a year!

Since I posted to this blog!

I have been knitting a little bit in that year, but I haven't been finishing much is my lousy excuse.

A while back someone asked about this:

Yes, I finally did finish this mitered baby blanket a year ago in November! It took FOREVER. Sigh...I worked on it betimes while I was lunch monitoring at the kids school. It was gifted to the crisis pregnancy center this past spring.

So it's been a long dry season, knitting wise. I've taken a bash at the poncho I started for Laurel, but that is also taking a long, long time and is not the most inspirational knitting. And I did a dishcloth, somewhere, sometime. But recently I began to feel the urge to knit again. And since my children's school has a mitten tree for needy children in the lobby and I don't really have the cash to buy anything to donate, I decided to dig some yarn out of the long-neglected stash and whip up some mittens. And since the pattern I used (Sirdar 294) with Kool Kidz Chunky, of which I had a few odds and ends leftover from other projects, knits up really fast, I was able to make a hat as well.

I've already cast on for another pair using the hot pink yarn that you see tying the mittens and hat together so they can be hung on the tree. I took these up to school today when I was lunch monitoring and found a nice spot, front and center, to put them. They are the only hand made items on the tree. I have until Thursday to get some more done and hope to at least have the mittens ready by then.

Well, it's off to cook dinner for my husband's birthday and to bully my son into doing his homework! A mom's work is never done!


AlisonH said...

Happy birthday to your husband--a fellow December baby! Love the baby blanket and hat and mittens; someone's going to be awfully happy.

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Jan...it is a lovely blanket! I love it.and your socks too!