Friday, January 06, 2006

Blog Envy

I really have to stop looking at other people's blogs. least one:

The Yarn Harlot

This is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's blog. She's very funny. I've been a fan for years of Stephanie's...she's had me rolling on the floor many of time with her wit. She's a hard act to follow. We have a lot in common actually. We both knit. We both have three kids and big husbands who like to fiddle with sound equipment. We both have pieces in KnitLit Too.

Of course, she's younger than me. Thinner too. Much more fit. She lives in Canada, I live in Michigan, but we are in the same latitude, so that's something. I like her hair better than my hair. And she knits faster than I do. She's probably funnier too. Oh dear.

However, reading through Stephanie's blog, I've found there are days when she's more funny than on other days, so maybe there is hope for me? All I know is I have been popping to my own blog so often to see if anybody is commenting on it that:

a) I can't depend on my hit counter to tell me how many people have looked at the blog, since I have been adding to my hit counter every time I look.

b) It really makes me wonder about my own need for external validation. I admit it. I've got a competitive streak about a mile wide. I want to be successful. I like to get nice comments (thank you to those who have commented so far!) and emails on the blog...what other people think matters very much to me. I get this from my dad, so at least I can blame it on someone else, right? My dad is good at EVERYTHING he does, probably because if he tries something and is rotten at it, he simply does not do that thing. He gave up golf because he just could not satisfy his own standards for excellence. Yep. Rampant perfectionism, got in the blood and no going back. There's probably something in there about being the youngest in my family and wanting all the attention for myself. At least, that's what my sister always said and she should know.

But don't worry. I have a friend named Mary who is excellent at deflating my massive ego. She's sees it as her prime duty, along with bringing me Starbucks...and I reward her with hand-knit scarves. I can't tell her about this blog yet, because I haven't given her that scarf pictured below yet. Once I tell her, I'm sure she'll set to work making sure y'all don't give me the "big head."

By the way, I've fixed that thing where no one can comment except other everyone can comment...I need my validation, come on now, give it up for me! :-D


Work continues apace on the color block sweater. Here is the front, all 4 whompin' inches of it. Emily is already champing at the bit to wear it. Believe me it's hard to resist big blue eyes and curly hair. Emily knows this...she knows almost everyone caves in when she "turns on the cute." She is really, truly sweet, absolutely sweet...but she's also very aware of her essential sweetness and has no problem using it to her advantage.

I really thought I'd be farther on this dang thing, but I spent so much time fiddling with the blog, going to look at the blog, comparing it to other people's blogs that I neglected to actually knit, the reason I have the blog in the first place. And when I did knit, I was trying to read blogs at the same time and kept making mistakes. There is something very, very wrong with me.

This morning I woke up with new resolutions: I will knit more, I will take a nap so I can shake this cold that makes me sound like one of the sand people on Star Wars (a worry, since I have a son who walks around making light saber noises, half convinced he is Aniken Skywalker), I will do my blog and not check it until...well, until later today...maybe in the afternoon? I will go through my collection of knitting mags and winnow out the ones I don't want anymore. I have to do my checkbook and pay bills too. Clean the bathroom would be good as well...knitting sounds better all the time, now, doesn't it?


Mary in Michigan said...

Totally enjoying your blog. I loved your witty posts on the Knitlist for years and followed your Squatter News. So glad to see you on KnitTalk (since I left the big Knitlist recently) and especially glad to see you have started a blog now.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and your posts on KnitTalk. I am a novice knitter, sort of a veteran crocheter (since I was about8) and I already have three tubs of yarn...DH is like, "where did all this come from?" and "What in the heck do you need MORE for?" I'm in trouble. I think you're plenty here's some love! :)
Kim in AZ

Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to see you back in the knittting world. I might not comment much ( I tend to knit while reading online) but I'll try!!

Susan in Ontario, Canada (closer to you in Michigan than to the yarn harlot in Toronto !)

Janina in Red Deer said...

Hey Tink. Followed you here from the KnitTalk list. You are on my list of "daily check" blogs.
I'm glad you explained the origin of The Squatter's name. I was really wondering about that!

Barbara MacNeill said...

I've stayed on the knitlist waiting for you to post again- I'm so glad you started a blog! It seems perfect for you, I have always loved to read your writings.
I will put you on my list of blogs right next to the Harlot's
Regards, Barbara

LynnH said...

Just be yourself. Nobody can make us belly-laugh as much as Stephanie, but then nobody should. We like you just the way you are.
Hugs, LynnH

otter said...

Hey, knitting is how I avoid cleaning the bathroom. Now I have dust settling everywhere, dying plants dropping leaves all over the floor.....but some really cool projects on the needles!!!