Monday, January 23, 2006

It's 10 AM Monday Morning; Do You Know Where Your Motivation Is?

More importantly, do you know where mine is?

I was motivated yesterday thinking of all the cleaning I would get done today. First, I must have been sick. Cleaning? Moi?

But Monday is the day I usually take a stab at a more involved cleaning project. "Get the worst out of the way first" is usually my motto.

So I've been trying to find that motivation I had yesterday. Where is it? I looked here:

This is the second half of my second cup, liberally spiked with International Delights Chocolate Cream coffee creamer...which shouts at me from the label that it has 0 grams trans fat! Isn't that exciting? It whispers on the back of the label that while there may be no trans fat in this stuff, it definitely has FAT. I have FAT already, a plentiful supply...I'm looking for motivation. Disregard the coffee grounds visible behind the coffee cup...remember, I lack motivation for cleaning!

I don't know...I've looked everywhere...I dimly suspect that there might be some motivation in one of these:

But how do I know which one of these has my missing motivation unless I eat them all? But if I eat them all, I will definitely feel ill...I can't chow down the brownies like I used to! Maybe just one...the sun isn't quite over the yard arm yet, but that really only applies to alchohol, right?


I am motivated to knit the rest of these sleeves. One stinkin' inch until I can shape the top and be done with these sleeves! Only one! I think there may be plenty of motivation for that...what do you think?

Only problem is that I knit so much yesterday evening that my left hand hurts. I need to find those Hand-eze gloves...but I can't remember where they are. I used to have two to hunt!

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Janette said...

Hi! I noticed you mentioned the Plymouth yarn shop in one of your previous posts and I see a MI mug in your current post. I would bet we're neighbors! I'm in Northville. I think you've just about got me convinced to join the Knitting Olympics. I also have the GAAA pattern, but know that I'd need a year to complete that. I'm a slow knitter. :)