Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Calloo! Callay! O Frabjous Day!

It's done!

I put the last mattress stitch in last night around 12:30 PM. I got quite a bit done at my knitting class, but I still had to finish the bottom edging and sewing up the final seam.

You are lucky to see it...Emily did not want to take it off after she tried it on this morning. I had the school on my side, though. They wear uniforms and peach/pink/lime green/violet sweaters are not on the list of approved uniform components.)

You are also lucky to see it because Dan stayed home sick today. I had to wait until the afternoon before I could even open the curtains to get enough light for a picture. Dan likes it dark and private in here when he's sick. He's in bed right now, so I finally managed to take this!

On to the next project...the electric yellow hoodie for Mr. Squats.

1 comment:

Ani said...


Very nice work on the sweater. Love the color blocking and choice of colors.

As always you amaze me with you talent.