Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tagged? What's that?

Okay, I've been tagged by Gretchen over at Cats-n-Lace (I dunno, Gretchen, sounds like a dangerous combination, but I digress....) I will say I am not the person to send these things to in emails...I don't believe that I will have the worst luck in the world if I don't send the prayer of St. Teresa on to 10 other people and I don't fall for the idea of something wonderful happening 45 minutes after I send whatever else is in the email on to 8 of my friends. But Gretchen's tag contained no such threats, so I will indulge her...just this once!

Four jobs in my life [best to worst]:

1.) Stampin' Up! demonstrator - I've been doing this for three years and it's been a blast.
2.) Programmer at an automotive supplier...I worked my way into that one, having started as a parts controller and knowing nothing about programming. The least boring job I had, but it was frustrating dealing with the users of my programs since they always changed their minds about what was needed AFTER they got the actual program! I enjoyed writing programs though...it was like solving a puzzle. I was there for 7 years, so it also qualifies as my longest held job.
3.) Church secretary since 2002 - still doing this, but for no pay now.
4.) Absolute worst job? er....I've done a lot of different things, but it must be the one day I spent as a waitress at a tiny cafe. The woman who ran it expected me to automatically know where everything was and just to step in and do it. Never went back after the first day (and never got paid either.)

Four Movies you could watch over and over:

1.) When Harry Met Sally
2.) The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - saw it over Christmas break and want to see it again and again
3.) Groundhog Day
4.) Moonstruck

I like Harry Potter and Star Wars too, but with three kids who are crazy about both, believe me, I've watched them over and over!

Four Places you have lived:

1.) Kalamazoo, Michigan - born there, went to Western, still visit often.
2.) Bloomington, Illinois - Dan's first teaching job, we lived there from January 1986 to mid-1987.
3.) Canton, Michigan - where we lived when we first moved to the metro Detroit area in an apartment.
4.) Our current house in another suburb outside of Detroit (not going to be specific, sorry!) We bought it in 1990 and have lived here ever since.

Four Places you have been on vacation:
1.) Upper Michigan - where we have been most often on vacation, including Sault Ste. Marie, St. Ignace, Petoskey (our honeymoon) and Traverse City. All from 1983 up until last year.
2.) Chicago - ultimate destination on our very last B & B crawl before we had kids...started out in Michigan, went down through Union Pier and ended up in Naperville. That was in 1992 or 1993.
3.) San Diego - our last trip w/o children in 1994. Loved it!
4.) Orlando & Salt Lake City - both places I was not on vacation, per se, but was at the Stampin' Up! Convention the last couple of years.

Four websites you visit daily:

1.) Stampin' Up!'s demo website to check my outstanding orders and see if I made it on Stamper's Showcase (hey, it happened once, LOL!)
2.) Splitcoaststampers - great website for stampers
3.) Yarn Harlot's blog
4.) Knitty Cafe - this is a new one for me.

Four of my favorite foods:

1.) Chocolate - brownies being the ultimate expression of same.
2.) Watermelon
3.) Strawberries
4.) Filet Mignon

Four places you'd rather be right now:

1) Back in bed ;-) Yawn!
2) Someplace warm and temperate, like San Diego would be cool!
3) Some days I'd love to be about 8 years old, back in my room at home with no kids, no husband and no responsibilities!
4) Otherwise, I'm pretty content being home with all my kids and husband at school today and having the whole house to myself!

Four Bloggers I am tagging: I don't KNOW four bloggers to tag, so it ends right here!

Now...as to knitting:


The sleeves are done!

I'm doing the neck ribbing!

All wrong...I was supposed to only seam one shoulder then work the ribbing as a flat piece, but I got carried away and did both shoulder seams (I love, just love, grafting shoulders...I love watching the two pieces come together and look like one piece!) So I'm working the ribbing in the round instead. The needles is just a leeeetle too big, so I have a lot of scrunching and skootching to get the stitches to stretch around it, but it is coming along. I hope to have it done today!

And I want to tell you that the brownie I ate (with the Diet Coke I drank to cancel out the brownie calories) actually did contain housekeeping motivation! In fact, I could not sit down for more than 15 minutes after I ate the brownie yesterday without feeling restless...hmmm...not sure I want THAT much motivation. I did get the basic cleaning done and I thwarted the Dust Menace from Above (read that as "I cleaned the ceiling fan in the dining room") which had been a threat ever since we turned the fans off because it got cold and we could actually SEE the dust. Some of that stuff looked like it could eat a small child or a dog, so it makes me rest easier knowing that we are all safe in our beds without worrying about the Dust Menace eating us....there's still our bedroom ceiling fan, though!


otter said...

You know if you have a big enough critter on the fan, it's fun to turn the fan on high and watch caterpillars fly all over the place! Really...honestly! And they stay intact so you go around picking up long woolies.
cyndye....a new reader who read about your blog on knitlist, then joined knittalk because of it.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for indulging me. LOL! It was my first time tagged and tagging. The Yarn Harlot probably won't ever talk to me. *Sigh*

My Uncle Mike lives in the Detroit area. He is a Professor of Philosophy at the university.

I hear ya about the dust menace! I was rearranging my bags of yarn tonight and decided to get rid of a HUGE 10 pound cone of ancient red cotton that was in the way. When I picked it up I found that the bottom of the cardboard cone was literally chewed to nasty looking crumbly dust and there were a lot of icky little tubes that those icky little moths hatch out of. Thank goodness they haven't been able to get at my yarn!!!