Monday, January 30, 2006

Where's ET when you need him?

I have a picture of my puffy looking hand with its evil brace on it, but I didn't want to horrify anyone so early in the morning...assuming that's when you are reading this, but I assure you it is almost as horrifying looking at other times of the day too. I need that little alien with his glowing finger to touch my hand and make it better. Ouuuuccchhhh!

I saw the chiropractor on Friday for my sore hand and whatever she did has made it feel worse, to the point that I went out and bought a wrist brace yesterday. I'm wearing it off and on during the day and definitely at night and it is helping....slowly. It's actually feeling pretty good this morning with the brace off (typing is very hard with it on, but I assure you I am very good about keeping my arm positioned correctly to avoid more injury!) I'm debating about going back to the chiropractor this week; the one I saw is not my usual guy, so I'm hopeful that he would do a better job. If he can't make the cut, I'll knuckle under and PAY my old chiropractor, whom my insurance will not reimburse since he's out of network, to fix my wrists. He was a dab hand at doing it before, so if it costs me $40 to get his healing touch, I'll pay for it.

The chiropractor told me not to knit for 24 hours, and I almost made it. I have tried to rest it quite a bit, but yesterday was our church's annual meeting. To my horror, not only was I put back on the vestry, but it looks like I'm going to get stuck being senior warden, something I definitely did not want to do. If you're the praying sort, pray for me!

However, one good thing about annual meetings is that they are perfect knitting opportunities. So here I am, in utter astonishment, contemplating the end of the second Ann Norling sock. The completed one is beside itself with excitement, as you can see! I think we're going to make it and a second sock will be done. The curse of the second sock WILL be broken!

You can see that in spite of my trying to start the second sock in the same place in the striping sequence, I didn't quite make it. It's close, but no cigar.

I'd love to sit and knit this morning and gaze in triumph at my finished sock, but I have a stamping class tonight. Four cards and only one of them designed! I'm going to have to spend the day stamping. Actually...I'd really love to just go back to bed. For some reason, I'm dog tired today. I stopped at Cholesterol Heaven (aka McDonald's) and got myself a hot breakfast to try to get myself going this morning and it is not working! I was good and went to bed at 11 PM after frosting 24 cupcakes for the squatter's classroom birthday celebration. We went out to dinner Friday night and had a big cake at church on Sunday. Next week my in-laws will come to celebrate on Superbowl Sunday.

This presents problems...the LYS's Superbowl sale is on that Sunday! I must go to buy Laurel's poncho yarn, so I will probably have to take my MIL along. I hate it when worlds collide.

In the meantime, I will show you a picture of the squat opening presents yesterday. I am not one to post pictures of my kids on the internet willy nilly, but this picture doesn't show a very recognizable view of his face, so I think it will be safe. Notice in the lower right corner, Emily is wearing her new sweater and it tried to sneak some of the limelight.

Even though his face is contorted with the joyful "Wow!" he is shouting over his Hot Wheels G-Force, I think you can see how very cute (ooops...handsome!) and irresistable he can be. Dang, but I love that kid!

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llamalady said...

another sock knitter! I consider myself in the 'baby' stages of knitting, especially after looking at some of your work! oh my!! I spin my own yarn from my llamas.