Thursday, January 05, 2006

I told my husband I signed back up for knitting classes. He didn't take it that well.

He said that I told him with a grin that said, "Take that!" Huh?

I said the grin really meant, "If that's okay with you?" He said, "Of course it's not okay with me! But you're going to do it anyway, aren't you?" Uh...yeah, I am!

Then he said, "I can't remember why you stopped in the first place." "I wasn't knitting very much and it didn't make any sense at the time." "Well, as long as you have the money for it!"

So, you guys are going to have to keep me on the straight and narrow. No new yarn until I knit some of what I have! Right? Right? Guys? You're not answering!

Yesterday, I had a heck of a time getting the front of the colorblock sweater started. I started it in the car while I was waiting for my kids to get out of school. First I didn't change down to the smaller needle like I was supposed to, so I frogged the first 8 rows of knitting. Then I noticed that I missed one of the repeats on the ribbing, so that it was 6 rows long instead of 8. Rip back to the ribbing. However, NOW it is going fine and I hope to knock out a bunch of it today.

I guess the problem was I was trying to read a book and knit at the same time. Most people enjoy watching (or listening really) to television while they knit; but this does not work for me. Why? I have a hunter husband. He rarely stays on one channel long enough for me to really be able to follow any program...unless he falls asleep. And then he usually has stopped on a program I have no interest in at all, like sports!

We only have one television and I intend to keep it that way. I don't like the idea of children watching television in their room, the father watching television in the bedroom and the mother watching television in the living room. There isn't that much I really like watching anymore, anyway! People wonder how I get as much done (stamping-wise) as I's because I don't watch television! During the day I rarely turn it on unless I am sick and then I usually fall asleep watching it.

So instead of trying to follow whatever Dan is watching, I have my trusty book comb holding my paperback open to the page I'm on. I can't read very fast while I do that, but at least it keeps my mind occupied when I am doing long stretches of stockinette. But when I'm doing something that requires more attention, like changing from one needle to another and changing colors at the same time, I guess I should just lump it!

Singles Mate-Up! Your online sock mating service.......

Welcome to Singles Mate-Up! We provide a service unknown to the online knitting community heretofore: we find mates for lonely singleton socks! Have you got some? Consider subscribing to our service...we guarantee results in 90 days or your money back! Would you like to meet some of our lonely socks?

These good-looking socks are looking for a mate. If you know of a lonely sock who needs some company, maybe you could refer them to this site:

First, there is the Girly Girl sock from the Spin-Off book "Socks, Socks, Socks". She is intensely feminine, loves watching old movies, walks on the beach and adores getting flowers and jewelry. The knitter who was making this sock has not even cast on the second one, can you imagine? Some reason like, "The pattern takes all my attention...I can't do anything else while I am knitting it." Boy, she has some nerve, doesn't she? Knit in Trekking Color, she would make any sock a beautiful and loving mate!

Next in line at Singles Mate-Up! is the Celtic Braid sock from Cabin Fever. He's getting sick of waiting for his knitter to finish the second sock already! The knitter's lame excuse is "It just takes so long to do those dang cables!" It's a handsome sock that loves listening to Irish music, drinking Killian's Red, and dancing a jig! The Celtic Braid sock is knit in a beautiful blue Lorna's Laces yarn.

Our final singleton, the Basic Sock from Ann Norling, is actually hopeful that the knitter working on her will actually finish her mate sometime, since this project gets to ride around in the car with her. She's a fun girl, down-to-earth, likes to laugh and watch comedies, and she certainly isn't waiting until she is old to wear purple! She's knit in a beautiful Regia cotton self-striping sock yarn! Isn't she purty?

If you've got a mate for these socks, please email us immediately to arrange shipment of your sock to a secure facility where they can meet in a neutral pressure to actually accept the other sock as a mate if they don't want to! Your successfully mated sock will find a permanent home waiting for it in my sock drawer!


Kimberly said...

I have a single striped sock at home but he's not too exciting, so I don't think I would set him up with any of your singles. He's looking for his soul mate and seems to know just what he wants. You know, striped here and there, short row heel, etc. He also has a small hole and is scheduled for surgery this week, so no chance for a date. Sorry.
I love your blog. I'll be visiting more often, I'm sure.

Mary Anne said...


I'm happy to see you have a blog. I enjoyed your posts on the Knitlist over the years and I'm enjoying your posts on KnitTalk. Keep talking and knitting!

Brewgal said...

Love your new blog! Now you can share that great wit with a larger audience. :-)

Mary in Michigan said...

Years ago my DD (now 19) watched a show on TV called Punky Brewster. Punky, the young girl in the show, never wore matching socks. My DD, Emily, for several years always wore two different socks. Sometimes these were even two different seasonal socks together. So, if you adopt this idea, you may have more actual pairs of handknit socks than you realize.

Desha said...

I am joining you in getting back to knitting! I've been neglecting my knitting for nearly a year now and now I just cannot imagine why?? I always loved your knitlist posts - so I am so happy to see you have a blog!! Welcome to blogging!